Monday, April 20, 2015

Why I'm Not Ready for Hillary

First of all because it’s April 2015 and the fucking primaries aren’t until next year.  We had like a 5 month break following the mid-terms before MSNBC started spending half their time talking about Hillary eating a burrito or whatever.

More importantly, I'm Not Ready for Hillary because I'm not ready to accept a candidate who may very well continue immigration policies that have meant record numbers of deportations under Obama and increasing reliance on detention in privately-run facilities.  Hillary said of Central American children crossing into the country that they should be sent back, in contrast to a more compassionate stance by President Obama.  

I'm not ready to simply cheer-lead for a candidate who is backed by Wall Street, and who's billionaire donors aren't concerned about her populist rhetoric because it's "just politics."

I'm not ready for a candidate who may be opposed to the recent Iran nuclear deal and for whom, "everything that she thinks and everything she has done and will do will always be for the good of Israel." This wouldn't be that surprising since she voted for military action against Iran when she was a Senator, oh and of course she voted for the war with Iraq.

She was also supportive of her husband's gutting of welfare and opposed gay marriage until 2013! And she's taken a bunch of other horrible positions that would make liberals start alarmist petitions if done by Republicans.

So as a leftist, I'm just not ready for her.  There is so much more important politics to engage in, especially this far ahead of any election.  Our energy should be going into police accountability and the ongoing Black Lives Matter movement.  The Fight for 15 is galvanizing low-wage workers and we should be organizing ourselves, if we are low-wage workers, and otherwise supporting this move towards a living wage.  If Greece truly rejects austerity politics it will be huge, and we need to mobilize to support that turn to the left.  California is still letting corporate water-hogs off the hook, and we need to push back ... and so on.  I'm ready for all of that.