Monday, December 06, 2010

Dear Attorney General Eric Holder

I want to "sincerely" thank you.  I understand that you are personally working hard to keep me ignorant about the actions of my government and to treat that website guy like the worst terrorist in the world - maybe not as bad as Osama Bin Laden, but still really bad. 

I know that the people who lied about the reasons for war in Iraq and the people who lie about progress in Afghanistan are lying to me because they know what's best. 

I also understand that the people who broke some stupid law about torture did it because they were trying to keep me safe - and anyway we need to look forward not backward and they tortured innocent people many months ago now, unlike the wikileaks that keeps posting the truth about world affairs every day and promises to keep doing it in the future. 

I also understand that the government needs to monitor my phonecalls and other communications without a valid warrant because they are keeping me safe.  Terrorists want to take away my freedom after all, so I'm really grateful that torture, spying, and infringements on free speech are all being championed by you and your administration to help protect freedom.

Please use more of my tax dollars pursuing this evil, terrorist, truth-teller and in the meantime I'll be sure to not read anything the wikileaks publishes or the new york times for that matter.

C Villarreal

p.s. we need more of this too

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