Monday, December 14, 2009

Ordinary People Making Positive Change Are Always On The Left

Howard Zinn's The People Speak aired last night on the History Channel and it was incredibly moving. I love how it is driving the right-wing crazy, but they can't really dispute the content. The best they can do is call Zinn a Marxist, which he is, and demonize the whole thing as a collaboration between a radical historian and liberal Hollywood types.

They could never compile their own right-wing, ordinary, people speak compilation because there simply aren't people like that on the right. First, they'd have to disavow the right-wingers who almost everyone agrees were on the wrong side of history: the pro-slavery, anti-civil rights, KKK crowd. Then they would be hard pressed to find anti-union voices who weren't bosses, but they could, perhaps, find some pro-war voices here and there.

The biggest problem for them is that all their right-wing counterparts throughout history either speak without passion, or if they have passion it is usually dripping with ignorance and/or contempt for others.

Their production would make for either a dry, sterile production, or a frightening, ominous one. Maybe Fox News would pick it up.

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deang said...

I hadn't been aware of the right-wing reaction to Zinn's broadcast. I liked the show too, but have seen clips of various performances of "Voices..." in recent years (especially on Anthony Arnove's YouTube channel) and personally would have made different choices of performers in some parts. But so glad it aired. And you're right about the right-wingers not having any comparable contributions to history that they can be proud of and that others would be proud of. As Janeane Garofalo has said in recent years, "If a person identifies at this point in time, with all we now know, as conservative, there is something psychologically wrong with them."