Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Halloween Grocery List

black licorice
Ludens cough drops
tootsie rolls
candy corn
wax lips
lemon drops
miniature bibles
plain M&M's

Sunday, October 11, 2009

Are the Longhorns One of the Best Teams in the Nation?

Next weekend's game will be the real test. They are number 2 or number 3 depending on the poll, but it is difficult to tell if they are actually that good. They haven't really had an adequate test. Worse, they've looked vulnerable at times they should not have - playing Wyoming and then Colorado. At the end of each game the score looked pretty good for Texas, but Texas fans watching the games probably got a bit nervous. At half time against Wyoming, the score was 13-10 Texas; at half time against Colorado the score was 14-10 Colorado. Those are un-ranked teams; and Colorado was playing in Austin.

The problem I see is that Texas doesn't seem to have a top-ranked-team running game. I haven't seen it anyway. Colt McCoy is a talented quarterback, but he needs a Ricky Williams to ensure the kind of team that is worthy of a national championship. Of course, they could still get there, but from what I've seen so far, that is going to take one of two things: Either they are going to have to show some talent they haven't shown yet; or other teams are going to have to falter. Depending so much on a single quarterback is too unpredictable. If Colt has a bad quarter in the wrong game, it could mean the end of the single-digit ranking hopes of the team. If others could pick up the slack, then it wouldn't matter nearly as much.

I'm a Texas fan; but I'm more skeptical this year than previous years. Let's see how they do against Oklahoma.