Sunday, May 31, 2009

Why the San Francisco Daily is More Conservative than San Francisco

Perhaps because of comments like these most popular comments on a story titled "GOP divided over how tough to be on Sotomayor":

This is the San Francisco Chronicle's new bread and butter. Presumably one of them lives in the Richmond, though it isn't clear that most of the right wing commenters actually live in the city. Even if they do, it is pretty obvious they are not representative of most people in San Francisco - a city where some major elections have come down to a Democrat versus a Green Pary candidate.


jo said...

To the "Die Volk" guy, sounds like your guilty conciense. Look at how white society has abused the Hispanic and Black race forever. Look at the prisons, jails, children taken into foster care, murder by police, army fatalities, I could go on,but won't. Only two percent of the white race will ever see the inside of a prison, jail,or foster care. By the year 2050 the Hispanic population will no longer be a minority. Let's hope that we can forgive and forget what white society has done to us and the Blacks forever and still now. Payback is a bitch, especially when you have never seen the inside of a jail or prison. It's about time for a change of power, its only right and inevitable, so maybe now those in power can change their unfair ways before it happens to them.

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