Sunday, April 06, 2008

Absolut Ad Stirs Controversy With People Who Prefer Moonshine

Read more from the LA Times.

Here's one comment that appears reasonable: "An ad that redraws borders based on some nationalistic fantasy is inappropriate. And no, it doesn't matter that the ad only ran in Mexico. What if Absolut ran an ad in the Deep South showing 'an Absolut World' with the Confederate States of America? Some Southerners still fantasize about that, but it wouldn't make the ad acceptable. Or how about running an ad in Miami showing Cuba as the 51st state? People in Havana would have every right to be offended. I object when our government doesn't respect national sovereignty, and I expect people in other nations to do likewise."

OK but the Confederacy existed to protect slavery - so of course celebrating that is offensive; and Cuba as the 51st state would be glorifying imperialism - regardless of what you think about the Cuban revolution, what would give the U.S. the right to conquer Cuba and make it our 51st state? This ad is not offensive because it is simply playing to a feeling among Mexicans that this land was unfairly taken from them by force, which it absolutely was during the Mexican-American War (talk about disrespect for national sovereignty).

This ad is pretty harmless and the more dangerous "nationalistic" attitude is coming from the Americans who are offended by a vodka advertisement that disrespects the old idea of manifest destiny and our brutal conquering of the American Southwest. How dare they!


Anonymous said...

I'm gonna buy some Absolut now, this is great, all up in the gringo's face like he don't like it.

But who are you calling "American", the "Green Go"? Carlos, check out/read "Don't Call This Country America" if you haven't already! Written by one of our beloved SF community old school Chicana radicals.


Anonymous said...

This is interesting, about Alberto Gonzalez. It's also interesting that they don't bother to point this out for all the other White House names. I assume all the other resignees have great positions now?