Thursday, March 06, 2008


A bomb exploded outside of a New York City military recruiting station and police are looking for a man on a bike (although it is possible that he is not on a bike right at the moment; he may be on a unicycle or roller blades; anything is possible). According to Mayor Bloomberg the "coward" attacked New York City. He added, "The fact that this appears deliberately directed at the recruiting station insults every one of our brave men and women in uniform stationed around the world fighting to defend our freedoms and the things we hold so dear."

OK I don't condone this act, mostly because it will probably taint all the nonviolent protests going on at recruiting stations around the country. Look at how Bloomberg already appears to say that directing something at a recruiting station is an insult to all American military personnel, everywhere in the world, who, by the way, are all fighting for freedom and "the things we hold so dear" (he must mean cheap gas). So bombs, rocks, paint balls, shouts, sit ins, letters to the editor - whatever you direct at buildings that hold military recruiters, you direct against every single soldier, all our freedoms, and all we hold dear. Wow.

And how is this guy a coward? Bush always uses that line against anyone he describes as "terrorists" also, so this is not a new tactic. Perhaps this guy is a coward because he rode off on his bike instead of waiting around to accept his punishment? Considering the potential consequences I'd say the assailant had some guts, just not so much wisdom.

I also thought it was interesting how the online news sites were handling the story. The New York Times described it as a "small blast" and it was a small headline, relatively low on the page. But the 24 hour cable news tabloid networks naturally had it as the major story of the day. Check it out ...

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