Wednesday, March 12, 2008

ING Direct CEO Sends Members Uninspired Dribble

Here's the email I got:

I am happy to report that ING DIRECT's 2007 financial results are complete. Your confidence in us helped us deliver a record number of new savers, deposits and home mortgage loans. Further, we acquired ShareBuilder so we could offer you a low cost way to invest in stocks and ETFs. I'm proud of our first 7 years, but there's work to be done ...

Further? Should I not be excited about ShareBuilder? Sell it man! Don't you hire someone to write this stuff for you? If not then why do you send them to us?

The fact that ING DIRECT was not adversely affected [by the subprime mortgage market crisis] is a testament to our operating philosophy that, as Americans, we should only buy houses we can afford. That way we can keep them for years to come. We believe a mortgage is a contract that both parties should execute in good faith and expect to see through to its conclusion. We will not waver from our sworn promise to provide you with great value, service and convenience.

As Americans? What about Italians? Japanese? What if housing isn't affordable? Aren't the risks working families take to put a roof over their heads worthy of far less condemnation than the risks taken by big banks and financiers to get even more exceedingly wealthy by offering people "easy money"?

To whom did you swear? I'll look back at the original contract I clicked "Yes I agree" to.

Thank you for your continued trust in us. Stay tuned in 2008 for new ideas we'll offer to help you save your money.

Arkadi Kuhlmann
The CEO of Saving

I don't really trust you Arkadi; I just put some money in your online account because I wanted a higher interest rate (which incidentally keeps going down lately). I have an idea for helping me save my money: don't spend time or money sending out these messages. They are pointless and cause me to waste time on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

Even better is a rationalization that people in San Jose/Francisco are a 'creative class' who deserve a nice spot because they are creative and tolerant. While some genuinely have fled repression in other areas, this is outright classist because it makes the reader view the lucky knowledge workers as heroic and nicer, and the folks in Fairfield and Stockton uncreative saps