Wednesday, February 27, 2008

obama for president? maybe not?

First I watched part of the debate last night with Hillary Clinton and listened to Obama go out of his way to describe America's relationship with Israel as "sacrosanct," which defines as "extremely sacred or inviolable ... above or beyond criticism, change, or interference." Beyond change? That kind of clashes with the Senator's motto.

Then I listened to him join Hillary in ratcheting up a new Cold War with Russia and referring to President Putin over and over again as merely "Putin," but it sounded like this: poot'n. Hillary pronounced it similarly, but with an Arkansas-New York accent.

Then I listened to a story this morning about the new border fence in Texas requiring eminent domain seizures of property some people have had in their family for centuries, but bypassing properties owned by wealthy land owners with connections (see the article in The Texas Observer). Apparently I missed the part of the debate where both Clinton and Obama said they were opposed to the way the fence was being built and would revisit the issue if President. But revisit they must, because both of them voted for the "border security" bill as Senators.

And there's more of course, as outlined by former Green Party San Francisco Supervisor Matt Gonzalez in this article on BeyondChron.

But the question all this begs is what, or who, is the alternative? Perhaps Cynthia McKinney - whom, along with Dennis Kucinich, I am a fan of on my facebook page. But now with Nader having a greater profile, I'm not sure what 3rd party campaign to commit myself to.

And I'm not convinced that Obama would not be more open to progressive pressure than Clinton. Someone commented on my previous post, implying that the main difference between Clinton and Obama was that Clinton was more predictable. But my fear with Clinton is that she may move sharply to the right of her rhetoric, as the previous Clinton administration had a tendency to do; Obama may as well, but the hope I see in his potential presidency is that he may actually stick with a lot of his rhetoric and, unpredictably perhaps, even move to the left. Unlike many others, he has said he would meet with leaders in Cuba and Iran. That's real progress. And there are pictures on the web of him with Al Sharpton and Edward Said. I doubt you'll find similar photos of Clinton. This is a tough one.


Anonymous said...

Hillary and the entire Clinton family has been pictured kicking it with the Arafats during the peace process/accords. She has also been pictured with Al Sharpton plenty times. She is an elite liberal white woman, so we won't normally accept her in such pictures.

But it is worth noting that many of us are shocked to find Obama being pictured with Said. That is because there is no context to it that includes Obama ever being supportive to the Palestinians in any pro-active way.

Some people will knock on Obama for never attending a Gay Pride Parade. You can find plenty Hillary pics at the GPP in NYC. But what are their records supporting the LGBTQ community and issues?

I see Hillary's spurts of tough liberalness and diplomacy working its way into 4 years at the White House. Give her the power, and she'll push it. Look at her now, she should've quit weeks ago!

It's also worth noting that she got the endorsement of the United FarmWorkers and, honestly, she's got a better and thorough immigration reform idea.

Obama still represents romantic imperialism. Matt G really broke it down for us. But those fools need to stop recycling the male power of the Green Party and get behind the radical black southern woman running--Cynthia McKinney!

Anonymous said...

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