Monday, January 14, 2008

Is Morrissey Racist? Anti-Immigrant?

I've been a fan since high school, first because of his sexual ambiguity, and later because I recognized the politics in some of his music, such as The Queen Is Dead, What Difference Does It Make, and recent songs like Mexico where he sings "In Mexico, I went for a walk to inhale the tranquil, cool, lover's air. I could sense the hate of the lonestar state ... It seems if you're rich and you're white, you think you're so right. I just don't see why this should be so."

But he does seem to have this quasi-nationalism about some of his music, and I've often thought Bengali In Platforms was mildly racist. Now there is this crack he made in the NME: "the gates of England are being flooded. The country’s been thrown away." Check out this article for more information.

What to do? Of course for me nothing (and no one) is sacred, and I would kick Morrissey to the curb if he turned out to be an outright bigot. But for now I'm withholding final judgment.


Thomas said...

solution: only listen to pirated morrissey.

silky said...

oh no, i was having one of my periodic smiths phases this last week.. this sucks

david said...

i think you should kick him to the curb for that gold shirt.

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