Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Dry Drunk Emperor
by TV on the Radio

baby boy
dieing under hot desert sun,
watch your colours run.

did you believe the lie they told you,
that christ would lead the way
and in a matter of days
hand us victory?

did you buy the bull they sold you,
that the bullets and the bombs
and all the strong arms
would bring home security?

all eyes upon
dry drunk emperor
gold cross cross jock skull and bones
mocking smile,
he's been
standing naked for a while!
get him gone, get him gone, get him gone!!
and bring all the thieves to trial.

end their promise
end their dream
watch it turn to steam
rising to the nose of some cross legged god
gog of magog
end times sort of thing.
oh unmentionable disgrace
shield the childrens faces
as all the monied apes
display unimaginably poor taste
in a scramble for mastery.

atta' boy get em with your gun
till mr. mega ton
tells us when we've won
what we're gonna leave undone.

all eyes upon
dry drunk emperor
gold cross jock skull and bones
mocking smile,
he's been
naked for a while.
get him gone, get him gone, get him gone!!!
and bring all his thieves to trial.

what if all the fathers and the sons
went marching with their guns
drawn on washington.
that would seal the deal,
show if it was real,
this supposed freedom.

what if all the bleeding hearts
took it on themselves
to make a brand new start.
organs pumpin on their sleeves,
paint murals on the white house
feed the leaders L.S.D
grab your fife and drum,
grab yor gold baton
and let's meet on the lawn,
shut down this hypocrisy.

Saturday, April 21, 2007

IMMIGRATION CRISIS! The public isn't buying it.

"A USA TODAY/Gallup Poll taken last weekend found that 78% of respondents feel people now in the country illegally should be given a chance at citizenship.

Meanwhile we have these crazy people who are suing police departments because they want to force law enforcement to report certain people to federal officials if they are suspicious about their immigration status. Police contend (with a lot of pressure from community groups) that by focusing on immigration status they create mistrust among immigrants and people might be less willing to report crimes, such as say spousal abuse, hate crimes, etc. The crazy people are really just xenophobic bigots and nutty nationalists. No seriously, these people are nuts. The attorney bringing this case in San Jose has two plaintiffs, one is Carol Joya who, according to this website testified before the House Immigration Subcommittee in June 1999 about how her son (the website notes her son is "a black kid") was attacked in high school by a gang of immigrants and was forced to go into hiding outside of the area for several months (somehow this is relevant to immigration policy; if it is true at all; if it is she likely has an axe to grind). His other client is Roberta Allen pictured here ...

Friday, April 20, 2007

War is for the Rich

Yes the world is very complicated and there are many factors to consider when analyzing America's foreign policy, but some very general statements are just plain true: war is for the rich (and America's foreign policy is generally beneficial to the very rich and corporate interests - most of the rest of us just pay for it (sometimes with our lives)).

Case in point, while the U.S. is trying to squeeze Iran economically (allegedly because of its nuclear ambitions, but really because of Israeli and American desires for domination in the region) they continue to allow the import of caviar and carpets from Iran; at least until the party celebrating the completion of the extension to the Kennebunkport estate of course.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Californians Overwhelmingly Support Legalization

From the SF Chronicle:

"California voters increasingly oppose a federal plan for 700 more miles of border fence -- with just 37 percent favoring it this year, down from 47 percent last April, the Field Poll found. And just 53 percent of those polled voiced support the current policy of federal agents rounding up, detaining and deporting illegal immigrants.

Support among California voters for legalizing undocumented immigrants rose to 83 percent from 75 percent last April, while 67 percent of respondents backed a guest worker plan, up from 60 percent a year ago."

This is good news, though somewhat mixed. It says that "just" 53% support the ICE raids. I actually think this is pretty high when the details of the raids are actually considered and fully understood.

The best news, perhaps, is that Californians don't see immigration (legal or illegal) as an urgent problem or "crisis" despite all the sky falling rhetoric of the immigrant bashers: "Californians' sense that illegal immigration is an urgent problem has declined slightly compared to a similar survey last July, and residents of the Bay Area were the least concerned, the poll found."

Friday, April 06, 2007

Josh Wolf is Free

So this is kind of old news, but there is a good summary in the Bay Guardian this week. Here was my take on it:

I'm really glad Josh is out of prison and I hope he's enjoying his freedom! I wanted to share some thoughts I wrote out in response to a question from a friend and solicit more input from others. My friend asked whether this was the best possible outcome. I replied ...

It's hard to say. In some ways it is a victory, but there has been a split in Josh's supporters for awhile about whether he should publish his entire video online. For some this was the ideal solution because it single-handedly put information out to the public without directly giving it to the U.S. Attorneys, and there isn't anything on it that implicated anyone anyway. On the other hand, the point isn't whether there is anything important on the tape, the point is that if a journalist chooses to edit out certain portions of a tape for public dissemination, the Feds shouldn't have the power to compel that journalist to produce those materials, whether directly or indirectly.

Also, even if it doesn't appear that there is anything on the video that implicates anyone, that doesn't mean that the Feds won't use it to further their agenda of silencing dissent. For example, there may be someone on the video they are building a completely separate case against, involving an entirely different event or alleged conspiracy. Who knows. They used video of Osama Bin Laden to prosecute Lynne Stewart; they will do whatever they can to prosecute and go after political opponents.

The main victory here is that it wasn't easy for the U.S. Attorneys to get what they wanted (or at least some of what they wanted), and it certainly cost them a lot of time and money to get something that may or may not be helpful to them. Also Josh's case has raised a lot of issues for people that were not understood or discussed before his case, and may result in positive political change. Also, he's kind of a hero and perhaps his willingness to put his life on hold for so long and go to prison will inspire others to do the same in the future if, I mean when, the Justice Department goes after others.

Those are my thoughts right now. I think it is a partial victory, but I certainly don't fault Josh for anything. He did a lot more than most people, even most activists, would be willing to do. Our job now is to push for a federal shield law and continue to talk about what a waste of time and tax dollars this whole debacle has been.