Tuesday, September 28, 2004


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This weekend I had the pleasure of attending my brother's wedding in Fort Smith, Arkansas - and it really was good to see my family and meet my new sister. The worst aspect was having to wear this tuxedo. The last time I wore one was at a "Favorites" Dance at my high school. I was a freshman, and was asked to the dance by a senior (female). I would have been excessively uncomfortable at the dance even without the tux, and at one point in the evening my pants split. White briefs are hard to hide when your black tux upens up.

Back to my trip. I mainly saw the church, the airport and the area around both in Fort Smith. I also spent some time at my brother's home in Poteau, Oklahoma.

It was the first time I had arrived at an airport where I had to step down onto the runway from the plane.

Fort Smith wasn't a bad town - I noticed an internet cafe and some nature-friendly parks. I'd like to find out about the main industries in the city, or how most people make a living. I couldn't figure it out - there were no factories, prominent office buildings, or large warehouses that I could see.

The wedding ceremony was painless. My brother's friends - the other groomsmen - were making constant jokes about my brother's last chance to flee before making a commitment. At one point my brother nervously announced that he wasn't sure if there would be corkscrews for the wine at the reception. I said, "this is a Catholic church, it ought to be packed with corkscrews." For a split second I feared he and his friends would think I was making some sort of sick joke. Then I realized that any conceivable sick joke wouldn't make much sense or be funny, and could only be narrowly grounded in reality. They chuckled and said, "hey ya, ask the priest."

On a different but oddly similar note, my divorced parents actually spoke twice during the reception, and were friendly to each other.

Sunday, September 19, 2004


Excerpted from a local radio station's website:

Morrissey is unable to perform at ALICE’s “Now & Zen” today as scheduled.

He was seen Saturday morning at 11 am by Dr Joseph Sugarman who diagnosed him with sinusitis, acute laryngitis and a high fever and advised that he not attempt to speak for the next 48 hours at a minimum. Morrissey is very disappointed and sends his apologies to his San Francisco fans and everyone at ALICE.

Tuesday, September 14, 2004

San Francisco Chapter Four: Trying to Figure this Place Out

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This photo was shot a block from my house looking southeast. It's one of these great scenes folks from San Francisco probably ignore - like the fog rolling in around 5:30, the beautiful people, and the freedom (at least for people with money).

I start my job tomorrow, and I've discoverd that I am working with some of the most incredible activists in the country. Wish me luck.

San Francisco Chapter Three: Sebastian Makes a Friend

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So, Sebastian's new friend is Jack. Surprisingly, Sebastian didn't eat Jack.

San Francisco Chapter Two: A New Home

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My place is tucked between Glen Park, Outer Mission, and Ocean Avenue. I am a couple of blocks from City College San Francisco. My landlord lives in the main house above me. My space is essentially behind the garage under her house. In the photo above you can see the garden outside. Sleeping on an air mattress for a week sucked.

San Francisco Chapter One: Heading West

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There is no question that I love the desert. West Texas in particular is beautiful, peaceful and hardly touched by our modern world. I traveled to San Fransisco from Austin via I-10. I spent my first night in Van Horn, Texas - a town about an hour from El Paso with a number of hotels, probably the most hotels between Central Texas and El Paso. There is an art gallery there, run by this guy who mimics other artists very well. He's a peace-loving lefty and also sells various used items.

I spent my second night in central Arizona. The drive north toward I-40 the next day was beautiful as the photo above demonstrates. There were Joshua trees and distant mountains. A lot of folks in the area seemed to be there for dove hunting.

Closer to the California border I entered the Mojave desert - as deserts go, this was a more classic desert and the kind a prefer to avoid. It was flat, drab and dusty. I think they used to test atomic weapons there. There were some cool cactuses in some areas.

The third night I stayed in Paso Robles, California. It is about 4 hours south of San Francisco near the coast.

Day four and I was in San Francisco at my new place by 11 am.

Monday, September 13, 2004


Have folks seen the pictures of the Palestinian journalist killed live on camera while reporting in Baghdad?

He was among other civilians killed when the U.S. fired a missile at them from a helicopter without reason. As people continue to lose their lives, Kerry offers nothing. He is, perhaps, the last gasp of the corporate, pro-war, elitist Democratic Party. What will take its place?

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Austin Structure
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my friends, barton springs, the heat, the skin, running on town lake, lovejoys, sesame tofu from hoa hoa, municipal court judges, driving lamar between 12th and 29th, simpsons at 6 and 10 pm, free wireless internet almost everywhere, squirrels, lone star, marfa/alpine just 11 hours away, tattoos, the capitol building, south congress - not the cool part but the part south of oltorf, the stopp coalition, flooding streams and oak trees

Sunday, September 05, 2004


I'm now in San Francisco after a 4-day drive through the southwest. Unfortunately, I don't have my internet access set up in my home yet, and my earthlink account has been shut down for various reasons. So, my homepage is down and my earthlink email is gone. I don't know what is going on in the world - although I'm now at Java On Ocean Cafe and will soon check the google.news site.

San Francisco is a great town - people are far more friendly here than anywhere else I've ever lived or visited. The weather's great and Sebastian has made a friend in a dog named Jack that shares his small yard.

The trip was long, but not too bad. I was lucky to get through the Mojave Desert by noon - just missing the triple digit weather. The worst city I went through was Phoenix - what a crappy place - I can't imagine why anyone would live there. It was hot, commercial, full of long stoplights, strip malls and elderly Republicans. As usual, West Texas was a favorite region of mine - dry in more ways than one.

As soon as I get my virtual/technical/electronic life back in order I will post photos of my trip and my new place. For now this will have to do for an update. My number is still 512-507-7700, so give me a call!